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"Thank you for reminding me God has not forgotten me."


Human trafficking is the fastest growing global crime with annual profits estimated over $40 billion.  Young women are lured to Western Europe by promises of a great job and a better life. However, they quickly find that they have been sold into a life of entrapment. According to the Federal Police of Belgium, 26,000 women are working in the sex industry with 80% of them being exploited.  While the majority are trafficked by organized crime, many are recruited by relatives or friends.

We have been invited to hold training workshops and seminars across Europe related to starting ministries in red-light districts and lessons learned working with the victims and survivors of human trafficking.  

Prevention Program

We put together a prevention program for source countries. We have been given the opportunity to travel across Bulgaria and speak at schools, community events, and present to local governments as well as television and radio interviews warning young people about the dangers of traveling abroad to look for work.  Our prevention program was also approved to be used in Youth Camps across Russia.

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