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The Oasis Center is located on the edge of the largest red-light district in Belgium. This center is a welcoming community free of judgment and shame where we form relationships and trust and share the gospel and the hope of Christ. It is our base of outreach into the red-light district and a place of refuge where women can come to feel safe and accepted and experience the love of God.

We prepare and share free dinners, bake desserts for celebrations, and teach some basic cooking skills. We have English and Flemish language classes and also provide private tutoring. We also have jewelry-making classes, business classes, and many other job and life-skill training opportunities. These are just a few of the many ways we do life together.

A key element of the community at Oasis Center is found in the Bible studies that we hold. We have times of worship and prayer together and explore God's Word. Discussions follow with open and honest conversations about what we have read and any questions they may have. We have seen amazing transformations take place and lives committed to Christ. Truly, the Oasis Center functions as a church for the red-light district, as a body of Christ that encourages one another, sharing the Gospel and supporting each other on the journey of life. 

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